Do good. Be good. Feel good.

About Us


Mission Statement

It is the mission of Do Good Video to harness the power of our video production skills and talents, to simply “do good”. Regardless of project or audience size, we intend to use our abilities for producing high quality, visually appealing, and captivating content, to spread positive messages and stories around the globe. We serve individuals, companies, and organizations alike; anyone who has a need for video production, and a positive message to share. We strive to create videos that inspire, enlighten, heal, and/or help anyone who finds themselves a witness to our creations.



Our Vision

We believe there is an invisible but knowable life force within all of us. We believe the power that drives this life force is love. And we believe this force is limitless and accessible to everyone.

Modern science tells us that everything has a resonate vibration, even love and fear. With love vibrating at a higher frequency and fear vibrating at a lower one. So, when a person feels love their heart rate increases, and they literally raise the vibration they're sending out into the world. Same goes for when a person feels fear. Except with fear your vibration slows, and that then becomes what you send out. Now, when another person is around you, they will actually pick up on your vibration and start to embody it! It's quite an amazing thing, and in fact has been proven through scientific measurement. 

So, with this in mind, at Do Good Video we say let's create more loving vibrations! This is why we choose to work with clients who want to share positive messages and stories. These stories in themselves then become beacons of positive vibration. Such that, when a person watches a video that has a positive or loving message, the viewer takes on that loving vibration and embodies it. They then carry that loving vibration with them, whether they realize it or not. When they interact with others in their day to day lives, this loving vibration has the opportunity to spread infinitely.

With that said, we want to make it clear that we accept and respect everyone’s decisions. We do not intend to tell anyone how to live their lives. Our vision and mission is simple; to do good. For us, that means producing positive videos and sharing loving stories with others. We intend to impact the world in a positive way, by spreading the love.

If this resonates with you in any way, please let us know! Let's work together on something good :)


Background Story

Video production has been a hobby and passion of mine since childhood. It all started with recording home movies and family holiday events. As I got older, my videos began to document life with friends, lots of skateboarding, and eventually I found myself in film school. After learning everything I thought I could about video production, I spent 5 years filming sports and special events, as well as spending time on other freelance video projects. Although this work was fun and exciting, it seemed to lack stability and consistent income. So, in pursuit of a "real job" with "real benefits", I took a break from video to pursue further academic advancement, and to educate myself on business as well as knowledge management. During this time, I also had what I will call an awakening. Which to me simply means, a sudden realization that my current life path ("real job"),  would ultimately not fulfill the deeper levels of my being. This realization inspired me to re-direct my life path, and pursue a path of "doing good". Whatever that meant, I wasn't sure at the time, but I knew that "doing good" would fulfill my path. Now, after spending 5 years away from the camera, I have re-built my video arsenal with the latest gear and technology, and I am back with a new purpose and focused intention.

I have come to realize the power of love is limitless, and it is this power that inspires my actions and creations everyday. I look forward to creating new and exciting content with anyone who is open to the interests expressed here. It is my hope that we can create something special.

Kind Regards,

Kyle M. Steinle

Founder, Do Good Video